LAHORE:Different sessions were held on the third day of the National Capacity Building Workshop for a PTEGP-UNESCO-WB-funded project implemented by Institute of Art and Culture (IAC) under the main project “Development of an Integrated Site Management Plan and Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism Management of Selected Sikh Sites in Punjab” at IAC.

On Thursday, the workshop was kicked off with a session “Understanding of the National Scenario of Cultural Heritage” which was led by Saba Samee, architectural conservation expert from IAC.

An open discussion was led by Prof Sajida Vandal, Project Heritage Site Planning expert and IAC vice-chancellor, and Saba Samee. Experts discussed various values by taking a particular religious site of historic importance. An event “The International Scenario of Cultural Heritage” was led by Prof Allesio Re, Project International Team leader, Santaganta, Italy, who emphasised on introducing various concepts of heritage management, introducing international guidelines and the concept of listing the built heritage. A group activity based on developing a framework around value-based conservation management approach was a module led by Prof Pervaiz Vandal, National Team Coordinator and Pro-VC of IAC). The participants emphasised on introducing management roles defined and proposed in the ISMP of various government departments as well as the role of other stakeholders in ISMP. The workshop ended by a work assignment that targeted techniques or tools to improve cultural heritage management in the custodian organisations.

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