Netflix’s newest original series is a sun-soaked drama filled with twists, turns, drugs and murder.

From the creator of Money Heist, White Lines follows Zoe, a young woman from Manchester who travels to Ibiza to find the truth about her brother’s disappearance, 20 years before.

It stars Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy), Daniel Mays (1917), Angela Griffin (Waterloo Road) and Nuno Lopes.

The Spanish setting of the series has fans captivated, as the action moves between picturesque beaches, stunning mountainous scenery, and raves and wild partying in 90s clubs. 

Where was White Lines filmed?

White Lines was filmed on location, largely between Ibiza, Majorca and Madrid. Some scenes were also filmed in Manchester.

The flashback 90s scenes were filmed predominantly in Ibiza, with the cast shooting in the Old Town and in the countryside, showcasing the island’s natural beauty.

Cast member Cel Spellman, who plays Marcus, told BT that the birthday party scenes were shot at the same private house in Majorca where Rafael Nadal had his wedding – just a week later.

He said: “The house where we filmed Axel’s birthday party, it’s like a town within itself. You need a golf buggy to get around it and it opened up onto the sea.

“To have a week there was a real buzz. I’ll probably never see a place like that again.”

The cast also filmed in the Tabernas Desert, in Almeria, Andalucia in mainland Spain.

The Tabernas Desert is a protected wilderness area, and is often used as a filming location

The desert is one of Spain’s semi-arid deserts in the Southern regions, and is frequently used as a filming location for spaghetti westerns.

Luckily the series wrapped before the coronavirus lockdown came into effect, meaning that filming was not affected.

Executive Producer Andy Harries told Deadline : “This was [filmed] against the background of Brexit.

“We felt we were the last attempt to demonstrate that Britain should be a part of Europe.

“Shows full of sunshine, full of light, full of beautiful landscapes are always important. This is a fantastic time [to be launching].

“People can’t go to the Balearic Islands right now and this is the next best thing.”

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