Bexley and Lidija are only four years old, but they are already on the adventure of a lifetime – again.

The twin daughters of Tyson and Shannon have already travelled the world from hiking Mount Batur in Indonesia to exploring Australia to their latest adventure: hiking to the Mt. Everest basecamp in Nepal.

And all of the family adventures, called Restless Crusade, are being documented on social media such as Facebook, Youtube and a blog.

Their blog describes Tyson, who is from Vernon, as “always coming up with a new adventure, not afraid to try new things and thinks he is funny.”

Tyson’s first major journey started when he was 19, spending eight months in South East Asia with friends. He has since been to more than 30 countries “and tried nearly everything you can think of from mountaineering in Bolivia to Zorbing in New Zealand and everything in between.”

Shannon, who was raised in Kelowna, is described as “a bit more grounded, loves to travel and is the organizer of our life and adventures. Always up for something new and willing to try almost anything at least once. Shannon has a passion for being active and taking naps.”

The twins were born in 2018 and as the blog states were added “to our adventurous life. We drag them along on almost everything we do from day hikes back home to experiencing what the world has to offer. We are here to inspire you to show you that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t do something.”

Their latest Facebook post describes Day 2 of Monjo to Namche Bazaar in their Nepal odyssey.

“We came up with a new game today. The girls became our guides. This not only kept them ahead of us and moving at a good pace but also kept them busy explaining everything to us keeping their minds busy.

“We made good time to the suspension bridge. After crossing it is when things took a turn. The winds picked up and B got dust in her eyes. As I was getting her out of the wind, her boot got something in it. Here we sat for a good 15 minutes without the boot on trying to ration with a four-year-old. We had another 2+ hours to hike. A few hundred hugs and kisses later we were back on our way,” the Facebook post said.

“The next 2.5 hrs were completely uphill. This is where all the elevation gain is. The question every 2 minutes of “How much further” kept coming up. Step after slow step we arrived at the check point, where we had to show our permit and park pass, and just moments after this Namche Bazaar was in view. The girls perked right up and started running ahead.”

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