TV tough guy Ant Middleton has said his next big challenge will hopefully be blasting off to space with Virgin Galactic.

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Ant Middleton plotting space adventure with Virgin Galactic

Middleon is hoping to break what could be the next big frontier in travel and tourism by getting onboard one of Richard Branson’s much-vaunted spaceships.

The admission from the SAS: Who Dares Wins star came during a headline address at the Advantage Travel Conference in Cadiz on Sunday (19 May).

Responding to a question about what his next challenge would be, Middleton said he had held discussions about trying out Branson’s space venture.

Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004 with the aim of flying commercial space flights, which could open up all new opportunities for tourism.

Last December, Virgin’s VSS Unity completed its first sub-orbital space flight, journeying more than 50 miles from the earth’s surface.

Then, in February this year, Unity undertook its first flight to the edge of space with a test passenger onboard, achieving an altitude of 55 miles.

Middleton, meanwhile, was warmly welcomed by conference delegates, whom he entertained with tales from his time in the military, serving in Afghanistan and latterly adapting everything he has learned to his burgeoning TV and media career.

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