Crawford North Coast Preparatory’s musical rising stars with some the KZNPhil members who are professional musicians from all over the world.

They walked with elephants and flew in a spaceship as the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra (KZNPhil) took Crawford North Coast pupils on a musical adventure on Monday.

First the pupils were introduced to the different instruments from the string family right through to the grandfather of the woodwind section with its low notes – the bassoon.

Next the journey started with Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals and the classic theme music of Star Trek.

This education programme sees the orchestra travel to schools performing to about 30 000 pupils yearly according to the orchestra’s concert master Violeta Osorhean.

“Music is everywhere and gives meaning to everyone’s life. It is something that is taught. It is a process of learning, a discipline of passion. With our education programme we hope to expose children to music and inspire them to play an instrument,” said Osorhean, who is a violinist.

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Crawford College head of music and professional cellist Nina Watson said music adds an extra element to education.

“Playing a musical instrument enhances your senses, teaches you discipline and adds a lot of value to your child’s development and life. Children should be encouraged to start as early as possible,” said Watson, who played in the orchestra for 23 years.

She said she encouraged children to aim for the KZN Youth Orchestra, which is a feeder orchestra for the KZNPhil.

“Being part of an orchestra is like an extended family. It teaches you to be a team player and to learn to listen to each other and work together. It is a great bonding place for people from all over who are connected by their love for music.”

Watson encouraged music lovers and newbies to the classical scene to attend the upcoming KZNPhil’s Summer Season which starts on February 14 at the Durban City Hall.

“People should not be scared of the Thursday evening concerts in town. They have secure parking and spans of security along the way to the City Hall. There is also the option of going to the dress rehearsal on Thursday morning.”

For more information and bookings, contact 031 369 9438.

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