Travel Tip of the Week: Travelling for a Destination Wedding? Here's What You Shouldn't Miss on Packing

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In India, it is the beginning of the wedding season and when we say weddings here, we know they are going to be grand and elaborate occasions, spreading over two to three days. One of the emerging trends in the country is to have destination weddings. And everyone who is attending a destination wedding this season, would be pretty excited about a chance to travel. Destination weddings are not just any other way of travel, there needs to extra preparation for it. For women especially, there is an entire checklist you need to make before you actually start packing. So in this week travel tip, we address everyone who is going to attend a destination wedding. We give you packing tips, planning ideas and how to make a stress-free vacation of a destination wedding travel.

In most cases of destination weddings, the hostess take care of the accommodation and travel of the guests. So a major part is taken care of. But in any case, you should always have your options ready. If you are extremely close and wouldn’t miss the functions at any cost, then you must get to planning right after you decide to attend the wedding. There are a lot of aspects to be taken care of while going on a destination wedding. We will help you make it easier. Travel Tip of The Week: 15 Simple Hacks To Make Sure You Travel Like a Pro!

  • Are you going to be solely travelling for the wedding functions or you’d also stay back and explore around a bit? What you pack depends on your stay. If you are going only for the wedding function then most of your wardrobe would be of traditional clothes. So, you cannot really pack light when you are going for a destination wedding.
  • Sort out your outfits for each function well in advance, so you do not hassle at the last moment on what you should wear.
  • Pack at least two extra pair of outfits. There are chances of spilling food, juices or maybe stains of mehendi. So always have a back up outfit in place.
  • Make a separate box for all your accessories. Make sure you keep it well, so that all of it does not get tangled. Accessories also include the clutches, purse that you’d carry with you.
  • Carry extra bags in which you can keep your used outfits.
  • Pack your makeup stuff well. Make sure you carry your skin care essentials. Do not over pack with everything. Pick on colours and shades that would go with most of your outfits. Carry extra clips, hairbands, and safety pins.
  • Also keep a sewing kit with you. In case of any broken button or loosening of the hem, you can mend it immediately. 8 Travel Essentials That You Must Carry in Your Backpack.
  • Carry extra pair of duppattas, the colourful ones which you can mix and match on more than one outfit.
  • If you are going to stay back and explore around the location a bit, then also carry your regular and comfortable clothes which you’d wear on a normal trip. Depending on the weather of the place, pack socks, jackets and cold weather essentials. The end of the year is mostly winter season in the country, so check the weather update once before you start packing.
  • For sarees and suits, use the special plastic coated bags, which keep the fabric from wrinkling too much. It also maintains the iron of the dresses.
  • Carry a portable iron with you. Not every hotel may have the ironing facility and rather than running around last minute, it is better to have a portable iron with you.
  • Keep you toiletry set ready with you at all times, irrespective of travel type.
  • Among all the outfits and accessories, do not forget on your electronic essentials. Keep a power bank along with a charger.

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Packing for a destination wedding is definitely intense because one doesn’t have the option of going back home to get something. It is also not always a good option to rely on someone else who may have the things you need. So there is definitely no packing light, when going on a destination wedding. And there is nothing more miserable then finding out that you left something back home. We hope the above tips help you to get ready on a wedding travel.

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