The travel bug is quick to grab the heart—but a little information first can help maximize the fun.

Bonnie Pintozzi, from The Travel Authority, has some tips on travel destinations and styles.

Popular Travel Styles, Places

Part of the fun in travel is who you meet and who you bring along.

That’s why Pintozzi says what’s really popular right now is traveling multi-generational—taking the kids, siblings and grandparents along.

But along with who you bring, what you do is also what makes a trip special. Pintozzi says “Adventure travel” is big right now.

For example, a company The Travel Authority works with does world-wide hiking, biking and walking tours.

“People will say, well I’m not a biker—you don’t have to be one,” she says. “You don’t have to be a hiker or a walker, what they do is they allow for people to go at their pace….You’re getting out in nature, meeting people, going to really unique destinations.”

If you’re thinking of going European for a travel destination, Pintozzi says the three “I’s” are the most popular.

Ireland, Italy and Iceland.

But what mode of transportation is the best to visit destinations? Pintozzi recommends going by cruise ship for destinations like Iceland.

“Your facilities are there,” she says. “They don’t want to keep building hotels and a McDonalds or Starbucks on the corner, they want to keep that unique. So you can see that in exploration cruising and everything like that.”

Getting the Cuban Experience

Like Ireland, “Cuba is one of those must-see,” Pintozzi says. “Very hot right now.”

And it’s also a great destination to visit by cruise.

Shore excursions allow people to hop into the island nation, meet people and see the sights.

Cherry Capital Airport

There are many travel destinations available through Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport.

Pintozzi says the airport has increased it’s service destinations to places like LaGuardia Airport, Newark, Dallas and Atlanta.

“It’s also increasing the size of the aircraft that are coming in and out,” she says. “Pure Michigan has done an incredible job to bring the tourists in, but sometimes we need to get out.”

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