Recently, global netizens discovered an entertainment company that decided to educate their future idol members about Cultural Appropriation.

DeepStudio Entertainment started a project called YOURS  in which they have viewers and netizens vote for the members for their next girl group through social media. They have been continuously posting videos on their Youtube channel YOURS as they pick out seven trainees for the final group.

The YouTube channel shows various different content such as trainee evaluations, audition, and also education that the trainees undergo. Recently, their recent education topic caught the interest of the international netizens as the company educated the trainees about Cultural Appropriation.

The girls sat down at a conference room as they were taught about Cultural appropriation. They stated that one of their fans from their fandom ‘Myme’ suggested on their Discord chat that the girls should learn about this topic.

The topic was explained clearly using simple illustrations and photos. The example of hairstyles was used to give a clear understanding of cultural appropriation.

Many international netizens are praising the agency for taking the time to teach the proper definition of cultural appropriation and stated that they highly value education on their trainees.

They claimed they are educating the trainees to try their best to not hurt anyone.  DeepStudio Entertainment also asked the netizens to suggest other topics the trainees should be taught about showing a different approach to rearing an idol group.

Netizens have commented, “This is what all companies should be doing: educating their trainees. I’d really love it if you girls could talk about Indian culture, native American culture, middle eastern culture (and maybe African culture) who are highly culturally appropriated in K-pop, especially Indian culture these days. Thank you so much!”, “I’m glad you’re educating yourselves about this. It’s definitely a step in the right direction :)”, and “This cool that they are making them aware of cultural appropriation.

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