Europe is an incredible continent to explore, with its fascinating historical cities, stunning beach resorts and a wide range of cultures. But they’re not the only things that make it so appealing to holidaymakers and travellers alike. One of the best things about taking a trip to Europe is the amount of countries you’re able to visit in such a short period of time. Europe is so accessible, with multiple small countries, clustered together to meet the needs of your urge for wanderlust.

But just how can you make the most of your time there? We’ve pulled together some options to help you determine the quickest way to see the sights Europe has to offer.

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By train

Interrail used to play a huge part in people’s travels around Europe. People would save up in order to buy a pass and spend their summer hopping from country to country by train. Despite still being around today, it might not necessarily be the go-to method for most. However, high-speed train travel is certainly still an option when planning your journey across Europe. It’s a great mode of transport for those who aren’t keen on flying and perhaps can’t drive, especially if you’re planning on visiting the bigger and popular cities that are likely to have good rail connections.

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By plane

One of the easiest, fastest and safest ways to get from A to B in Europe is to simply head to your nearest airport and hop on a plane. With so many low-cost airlines at your disposal, it’s easy to go onto price comparison websites and find the best deal to whatever destination it is that you wish to explore, be it northern Finland, the Greek mainland or one of the Balearic Islands. There are tighter regulations when flying, such as weight and liquid restrictions, but surely the ease and speed of everything else makes up for that?

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By car

If you want to get to your end destination in as little time as possible, but you still want your own freedom to see the sights and explore at your will as you go, then car hire might be the best solution for you. You could jump on a plane to get to your starting point, wherever that may be, but then opt for your own car for your onward journey. With a car rental, there are far fewer restrictions. There’s no waiting around at the airport for a delayed flight and no stopping at every single tiny train station for no one to get on or off while on a rail journey.

Each mode of transport has its pros and cons, but it just goes to show the variety of ways in which you can make your way around Europe. It all depends on your budget, your needs and how much or little you want to see along the way. One thing’s for sure, all these options mean you’ll never run out of places to explore.

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