Экономика Европы проходит тест на выносливость

Pandemic coronavirus threw back the European economy: Germany this week announced a 10% wage quarterly decline. Experts do not tire of repeating that Europe is now experiencing the worst recession since the Second world war.

One of the most affected sectors is tourism. In the holiday season this time many Europeans chose not to travel abroad. But as a result of increased demand for trailers with living quarters in the van or trailer, and manufacturers of electric vehicles, as well as sellers, business is booming.

Now across Europe in the circulation are about 2 million such cars, and their number is growing rapidly. In 2020, the caravan became sinonimom freedom, economy, health and security. So do many Spaniards.

Julio Barrenechea, the Director of the company Caravanas Holiday says:

“People choose alternative modes of transportation and vacation, and I think that, of course, this sector will be strengthened, because the target audience, the number of customers will increase.”

The slowdown in tourism, the closure for several months of restaurants contributed to the huge damage Nanesenie the Italian economy. In the Campania region in the South of the country’s multimillion-dollar losses suffered by producers of the famous mozzarella.. the Decline in sales and the collapse of the export market led to a reduction in revenue by 25% and production by 20%.

But hope dies last: Giuseppe Miselli, head of the Association of farmers of the province of Caserta, says:

“The crisis was felt as long as the trade remained frozen. Now, when commercial activity has resumed, we note the growth, reconstruction, and has a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel”.

How fast can you recover business and Economics in Europe? This will largely depend on the success in the fight against pandemia. Experts believe that another total quarantine may be fatal.

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