Buckle up, because today, we’re looking at the racetrack resort of our wildest dreams that actually exists.

Covid-19 may have brought a stop to leisure travel, but this pandemic won’t last forever, and when it’s over, we’ve found the perfect getaway for the gear head in your life. Sporting a full-fledged race track in its back garden, the Ascari Race Resort in Malaga has some of the best corners of any racetrack in Europe, and it’s all available to paying customers who want to live out their dreams of being a racing driver.

The facility has all the same amenities other resorts have, but all to the soundtrack of revving race engines at all hours of the day. That may sound like hell on earth for most people, but for petrolheads, it’s like music to our ears.

Buckle up, because today, we’re looking at the racetrack resort of our wildest dreams that actually exists. 

Who Even Is Ascari?

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It may not be a household name, but in the distant past, the surname Ascari meant just as much in the world of motor racing as Andretti, Schumacker, or Earnhardt. Antonio Ascari and his son Alberto were stars of Grand Prix racing in the sports formative years. Both men embodied the rugged racing driver persona and were always favorites in whatever race they entered.

Tragically, both men would lose their lives 30 years apart behind the wheel of their racecars. The Ascari racing family became the idols of Dutch millionaire Klass Zwart. When he founded his own car company (Famous for the KZ1 and A10), he named it after the distinguished Italian family name. He did the same when naming his passion project, a full-fledged resort with a racing track in the back yard.

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The Track

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Klaas Zwart didn’t want to build an easy track for novices. Instead, he wanted to take inspiration from the best corners from racetracks around the world, apply his own spin to them, and make one the most challenging racetracks in Europe. The course very large, at over three miles long. Long straightaways connect three separate sectors of the track to form a circuit with a little bit of everything.

These sectors can be run individually or merged together for the full circuit experience. The track has an on-sight fuel station, car wash, fire station, and mechanics workshop—all things any self-respecting raceway couldn’t do without. There’s also a heliport on sight if you don’t feel like driving to the resort yourself. For the novice driver, there’s a team of instructors and accompanying vehicles at the ready to teach you any driving tips you’d want to know.

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With hairpins, chicanes, and flat out straightaways galore, this track is far more than a gimmick to get people through the front door. It’s an honest, gentleman’s race track. The track is most famous these days for featuring in Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation, where it features in a challenge event to see who can complete ten laps of the track the fastest.

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Amenities Fit For A Racing Champion

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We doubt you’ll ever get bored flinging fast, exotic cars around a purpose-built racecourse, but you may eventually get tired and in need of some relaxation. The Ascari Race Resort doesn’t disappoint. Don’t think that because so much money was spent on the resort’s racetrack, other luxuries fell by the wayside. The resort still has all the amenities to make your stay as blissful as possible.

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The resort has in-house catering at all hours of the day, a heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi, as well as an open bar. Don’t expect to be let into the racetrack area once you’ve had a few to drink, of course. For a little more alternative fun, the resort also hosts a go-kart track and an off-road course for people who want a little something more out of their stay at the resort. Check out their website if you want to learn more.

Where Do I Sign Up?

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Travel websites like TripAdvisor show the resort was highly reviewed. Guests praised the gorgeous scenery, top-notch food and drinks, and of course, the race track was the highlight of the entire trip for most people. Be prepared to pay a king’s ransom for the chance at this once in a lifetime vacation.

Entry fees for the four days all included pass to the resort, and the track starts at €2750 Euro or around $3,200 U.S Dollars. Add in extras like car transport, driving lessons, rental cars and mechanics service and the trice could easily be doubled or triple the entry fee. Honestly, though, for a racing vacation experience like no other, we really do think that such a high price would be worth every penny.

There will come a day sooner or later, that Covid travel restrictions will be lifted. When that day comes, we encourage petrolheads of all stripes to break out the checkbook, buy a plane ticket, and experience first hand the racing vacation of their wildest imagination.


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