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The restless Thessaloniki couple Eleni and Christos, the real travelers sets foot in Mozambique, one of southern Africa’s least visited destinations to taste the real adventure.

Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – June 12, 2018 – Once one of Africa’s most-visited destinations until civil war wiped the country off the tourist map, Mozambique is slowly resurrecting its costal resorts and game reserves. This long island is an awesome destination for travellers who love diving, quad biking, fresh seafood, and hanging in hammocks.

Mozambique is a country that requires determination to travel through but the reward far outweighs any hassle.

When asked about their Mozambique travel experience, “Our journey to Mozambique is filled with numerous adventures and interesting endeavors that we couldn’t forget. The visa procedure was very difficult and the notorious roads of Mozambique had potholes and damaged surfaces everywhere. Due to the slow speed, we had to make changes to our schedule often,” replied Eleni, the avid traveler.

The Mozambique coast line is more than 1500 miles long and has some of the best beaches in the world. Mozambique is difficult to travel through, and once you do reach your end destination, the journey is half the adventure.

Eleni shared about their tropical storm experience in Mozambique, “What we experienced at Magaruque Island was like an amazing adventure! On our way back we stopped by a hotel’s bar for some leisure time, along with other guests. We saw the waters getting higher, while enjoying our M2 beers, and felt the weather changing.”

“The sunny day with the very few clouds was transformed to a dark one with a tropical storm, wild wind and lots of raining. This abrupt change of the weather obliged us all to move to the inner part of the restaurant, so as to protect ourselves. But how one can protect oneself, when the water was entering the place from everywhere? It was long before the storm stopped,” Eleni narrated her Mozambique travel adventures.

The couple visited the unexplored parts of Save River, Casa Cabana beach, Islands of Archipelago, National Park of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Ibo Islands and more. People traveling to Mozambique can enjoy wonderful African sunset, idyllic bungalows, participate in snorkeling, great walk on the sandy beach and more.

The couple Eleni and Christos, flew over the Archipelago Quirimbas with a Chesna for 30 minutes, and enjoyed unique view that only the tide in the Indian Ocean can paint.

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