Mainland Europe is an attractive destination for UK teachers looking for opportunities overseas. For many, the appeal lies in the fact that you’re never far from home, so transport costs to visit friends and family make keeping in touch much easier.

Others are attracted by the moderate weather, interesting cultural history and varied cuisines.

Although flights and train tickets are comparatively cheap, property rental costs can vary across Europe.

In Rome, a three-bed apartment outside the city centre would cost around £1,040 a month, and eating out can be pricey, too, with a three-course meal for two at a mid-price restaurant setting you back £48, which is comparable to London prices. Beer is ever-so-slightly cheaper, on average £4.50 for a pint. 

The Middle East

The Middle East has long been held as a popular destination for international teachers, with many tax-free packages and accommodation subsidies being offered.

The area is often dismissed as being all about deserts and shopping malls, but the Middle East has a lot to offer for those seeking culture. The Grand Mosque, in Abu Dhabi, and Petra, in Jordan, are two must-sees for travellers in this area.

Flights home can be expensive, especially if you are moving out there with a family, but many schools will cover the costs of flights as part of their pay and renumeration package. Alcohol is more expensive, with the price of a pint of beer coming in at £10 in Abu Dhabi.

A three-course meal in a nice restaurant is around £43. Teacher pay is pretty healthy; you can earn in the region of £3,000 a month, and rent for a three-bed apartment outside of the city centre is around £1,700.

cost of living table

South-East Asia

With gorgeous beaches and amazing cultural experiences in plentiful supply, South East Asia is a really popular destination for UK teachers.

This part of the world also offers cheap travel between the different countries; once in Cambodia, for example, it is very easy to visit Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. 

The cost of living in South East Asia is comparatively much cheaper for international teachers.

In Vietnam, beer can be bought for a pound, a three-course meal for two is just £13 and rent for a three-bed apartment outside the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, is just £480. Teachers can expect to earn between £1,180 and £1,730.

Latin America

Latin America has beaches, jungles and culture galore, as well as amazing sports facilities. Visiting Machu Picchu, meanwhile, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Life in Latin America isn’t too pricey either. Beer can be bought for roughly £1.50 a pint, a meal for two comes in at around £24 in a mid-price restaurant and rent for a three-bed apartment away from the city centre is around £480 a month.

As a teacher, you could expect to take home around £1,000 a month.


China attracts a lot of UK teachers to its international schools, which means the market is competitive, with many schools offering attractive packages.

China’s fascinating history makes it an attractive destination, as well as offering the opportunity to earn a tax-free salary.

China prices also compare favourably to the UK, with a beer costing about £1.50 and a meal for two costing around £23.

Renting a three-bed apartment outside of the centre of Beijing would cost about £1,110 per month. Teachers in international schools in China can expect to earn between £2,200 and £3,380. 


The lifestyle Down Under is known for being much more active and outdoorsy as a result of the milder weather, and many teachers find that they can enjoy more time outside and get involved in more activities than when they were in the UK.

In Melbourne, a beer costs around the same as in London, around £5 for a pint, and food is similarly priced, too, at £50 for a meal for two.

The cost of rent is slightly cheaper than London, with a three-bedroom apartment outside the city centre costing around £1,220. Salaries for teachers can vary from £1,960 to £3,150.

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