Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock has covered major news stories and world events for more than 24 years.

Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock embarks on an ambitious water adventure for the first time.

As a foreign correspondent, he’s been to the UK, the US, Iraq, Syria and Samoa, just to name a few.

But for Denham, nothing beats hitting the beach for a surf on Sydney’s north shore.

Which is where he met his now wife, Mari.

Now the pair are embarking on their first ocean adventure, restoring a 46ft Northshore yacht called ‘Latitude’, and setting sail on the open water.

It’s taken Denham and Mari two years to lovingly restore the vessel, and they’re ready to hit the water and sail to Fiji.

Denham and Mari will set sail for Fiji via Lord Howe Island.

The first stop is Lord Howe Island, and will be following their expedition.

You can also follow their adventure on YouTube or by following Denham on Instagram.

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