NGOM Fest, Prizren, 12 – 15 July

NGOM Fest, 2017. Photo: NGOM Fest

A music festival held annually since 2011, NGOM Fest was started by a group of young people from the city of Prizren, aiming to promote new bands and artists and exchange cultural experiences with artists from other countries.

The word “NGOM” means “Listen to me” in the Gheg dialect of Albanian.

Bunar Fest, Prizren, 16 – 17 June

Bunar Fest, 2017. Photo: Bunar Fest

The Kosovo guide website has called the Bunar Fest in Prizren “one of the most ridiculously fun” festivals in Kosovo.

The festival is open to everyone who wants to take part in a race with tractor tires on the Bistrica River.

PriFest, Pristina, 17 – 22 July

Pri Fest, 2017. Photo: Pri Fest

The Pristina International Film Festival, PriFilmFest, is a film festival held annually in the Kosovo capital.

It brings together many international cinema productions in different competition programs, such as the European film competition program, the Balkan film competition program, Honey and Blood Cinema, the Mid-length competition program, and more.

In 2015, the festival was hosted in Tirana, however, and lasted only for two days in protest against a cut of 78 per cent in the budget from the Kosovo Ministry of Culture.

HAPU – Festival of Art in Public Space, Pristina, July

A performance during HAPU festival in Pristina, 2017. Photo: BIRN

HAPU Festival focuses on art work in public spaces, presenting innovative work developed in Kosovo and beyond.

HAPU in Albanian means “Open up” and at the same time represents an abbreviation of “HApësirë PUblike”, or, in English, “Public Space”.

The festival is organised by the ODA Theater, presenting artistic work in partnership with IN SITU, a European network for artistic creation in public spaces.

Green Fest, Mitrovica, August 17- 18

Green Fest, 2017. Photo: Green Fest

Green Fest is held every year in the northern town of Mitrovica. Organised by 7 Arte, an NGO, it includes music, open-air cinema, a handcrafts fair, discussions and activities related to the environment.

Taking place in a city divided into an Albanian-majority south and Serb-majority north, the organisers aim also to ease local ethnic tensions.

Doku Fest, Prizren, 3 – 11 August

Doku Fest, 2017. Photo: Doku Fest

Doku Fest is an International Documentary and Short Film Festival, which is held every year in the southern city of Prizren.

Hundreds of films from all over the world are screened during one week in different cinemas sited all over the city, including the cinema on the river, the cinema in the castle and others elsewhere.

The festival was started in 2002 by a group of friends and has since become as one the biggest cultural events in Kosovo, attracting international and regional artists and visitors.

Sunny Hill Festival, Pristina, 10 – 12 August

Dua Lipa performing. Photo: EPA/ Valentin Flauraud

British-Kosovar pop star Dua Lipa, who won two Brit Awards this year, will be coming to her hometown of Pristina this summer to perform at the Sunny Hill Festival, organised by her father, Dukagjin Lipa, who also is a musician.

“So proud of my dad @dukagjinlipa who had an idea and a dream and is doing exactly what he said he would,” Dua Lipa twitted, announcing the event.

Alongside different artists, the festival will also bring RAP artist Action Bronson, born in the US to an Albanian father and an American mother. The festival takes place at Germia Park.

Anibar Animation Festival, Peja/Pec, 13 – 19 August

Anibar Animation Festival, 2017. Photo: Anibar

Anibar is a festival held in the city of Peja/Pec, where animated films from different places around the world are screened in three cinemas, two of them open-air cinemas.

Workshops, debates and other activities such as concerts are organised during the festival.

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