One of the Fraser Health deaths actually occurred in June at the Langley Lodge but the cause of death has only recently been attributed to COVID-19.

The province has extended for two months its $300 monthly crisis supplement to low-income seniors, which also goes to income and disability clients who reside in special care facilities, said Social Development Minister Shane Simpson.

Henry said it remains clear that the surest way to transmit COVID-19 is through sustained, face-to-face contact with other people. “The short answer is no … now we do not have any cases that have been associated with the protests that took place”.

“Currently, we do not have any cases that have been associated with the protests that took place”, she added.

But Henry said officials in the USA have noted transmission of the virus connected to other large outdoor gatherings – particularly parties on the beach.

Henry reiterated that she doesn’t foresee travel across the USA border happened soon.

“I can not see vacation travel this summer from the USA, given the rates that we’re seeing and how widespread it is in the USA right now”, she added.

The new numbers put the province’s COVID-19 case count at 2,978 since the pandemic began, with 183 dead. Sixteen people are in hospital with the virus, including four in critical or intensive care. “I think the good news is, is that we have reduced the amount of transmission in our community, so much so that we have very few people in hospital. We have very few people who are transmitting in our community”.

“The extension of these programs will allow some breathing room for people to get back on their feet as we move through our restart plan”, said Simpson.

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