Sidney Crosby is having a busy summer traveling across Europe.

In early May, a fan shared this picture of Crosby at a museum in the Netherlands:

Later in May, Crosby was in Obertsdorf in the German Alps. He trained with skating coach Besa Tsintsadze, who previously worked for the Penguins from 2005-10.

Besa Tsintsadze and Sidney Crosby. — BESAHOCKEY / INSTAGRAM

 Sidney Crosby, Besa Tsintsadze and Andy O’Brien. — BESAHOCKEY / INSTAGRAM

Crosby’s latest stop on his European tour is Tyrol, Austria, where he trained with Penguins Director of Sports Science Andy O’Brien.

Andy O’Brien, Sidney Crosby, Carson Patterson, Ben Reimeir. — CARSONRPATTERSON / INSTAGRAM

Carson Patterson, a conditioning coach at the Olympiazentrum where Crosby trained in Austria, had nothing but praise for Crosby after he stopped by.

“(Crosby) is a down-to-earth guy who just wants to get his work done,” Patterson wrote on Instagram. “I asked him how he continues to work so hard when he has done so much. His first comment – he doesn’t do it for the money. That he wants to get better and do his job as well as he can. That the game is getting faster.”

Crosby traveled across for Europe for last summer’s vacation, making stops in England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

“I was basically just sightseeing,” Crosby said of last summer’s vacation. “Got to do some pretty cool stuff and get away from it a little bit. Was the first time in a couple summers I was able to go on a vacation, it felt like. It was nice to get away and see a different part of the world and unwind a bit.”

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