THE sea breeze blows gently across a rather quiet Sardinia Bay beach with our sandboards placed comfortably on what seems to be a thrill of a lifetime sand dune.

Is it the beginners’ rush of the sand grains rapidly slipping through your fingers or is it the adrenaline rush of standing on a sandboard that is whisking you closer to the tranquillity of the ocean?

It’s the combination of a wave of first-time nerves and as you get up, it’s the anticipation of trying again for an even better second attempt.

For a first attempt at the extreme sport of sandboarding, one would hope to perfect the art and co-ordination of what seems like a take on surfing through a sand dune.

Adventure enthusiast Murray Luscombe used to offer international visitors an
opportunity to explore and experience adventure in the Bay in exchange for their assistance in the development of a school in New Brighton.

The above initiative gave rise to what is now known as Freewalker Adventure Travel.

“We wanted to provide a platform that offers activity-based experiences where individuals can get a fun way to interact with the Bay,” said Luscombe, who founded Freewalker Adventure Travel.

Free Walker Adventure provides sandboarding sessions where individuals can enjoy two-hour sandboarding sessions in which beginners can first find their feet in the sport and then enjoy themselves.

“We have sunset sessions where people can enjoy sandboarding with friends and unwind with refreshments whilst soaking up the beauty of Sardinia Bay,” said Luscombe.

Freewalker further offers vast adventure travel along the coastline of the Eastern and Western Cape providing an array of experiences.

“These include specifically designed day trips that are accompanied by an exclusive guide to ensure that one receives the ultimate experience, such as golf tours, safari packages, group tours and more.”

S Watch a video of the fun at Sardinia Bay on our Facebook page.

For more information phone 082 360 1250, visit or send an email to

. Sandboarding sessions costs R350 per person

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