A recent photo of Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield has been making the rounds – and as you might expect, it doesn’t paint the former Heisman Trophy winner in a great light.

The picture in question shows Mayfield and other NFL stars enjoying some time on the beach. Though not doing anything out of the ordinary, the difference in their body types is rather staggering. Mayfield is one of the only players in the photo who doesn’t have chiseled abs, and looks like he’s sporting a dad-bod instead.

But New York Giants star RB Saquon Barkley, who looked good in the picture, has rushed to Mayfield’s defense. Speaking to TMZ, Barkley explained that since Mayfield’s a QB, “he’s not supposed to be shredded.”

The Giants star asserted that Mayfield will have plenty of time to get his body back into game shape by the summer.

Via TMZ:

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