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Australia is a major sporting event leader with a famed sporting culture and history and its success comes from a long-term investment in people, community-based sport, and the development of technical expertise. Australia embraces the role sport can play in benefiting and engaging individuals and communities regardless of age, race, gender, cultural background, and physical ability.  

The Australian Pavilion is a key partner of the Expo 2020 Dubai sports platform. It brings a strong sporting spirit through daily sports activities and tournaments at Aussie Park, within the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub, located directly adjacent to the Australian Pavilion. The multi-purpose space is complete with football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and netball courts.

The aptly named space features iconic Big Bash League cricket nets, a nod to Cricket Australia’s professional league, an indoor fitness studio, fitness stage, large LED screens and space for sports exhibitions, showcases and celebrity athlete signings. In addition, Australia will convene several international forums at Expo 2020, focussed on High Performance Sport and Technology, Women in Sport, Sports Diplomacy, and the role of sport in advancing Sustainable Development Goals.

The Australian Pavilion has developed an incredible line up of more than 140 sporting events and activations at Expo 2020 Dubai. It works to achieve positive outcomes in areas such as health, social cohesion, gender equality and disability inclusion. We invite you to participate and witness the power of social bonds that are created through sport and to get a first-hand experience of how sport can build and strengthen global partnerships.

Justin McGowan, Commissioner General of Australia at Expo 2020 Dubai, says: “Sport is an integral part of Australian culture, with the unique power to bring people, communities, and nations together.

“Our team and partners have developed an incredible line up of sporting events and activations, right next door to the Australian Pavilion, at the aptly named Aussie Park. We look forward to welcoming visitors and fellow country pavilions to participate and witness the power of the social bonds that are created through sport.

“Sports diplomacy also plays a unique role in building global connections and unlocking important diplomatic and trade networks across international markets.

“Sport is a globally recognised vehicle to achieve development outcomes in areas such as health, social cohesion, gender equality and disability inclusion.”

Kevin Brown, Vice President, Events and Entertainment, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Sports speaks to the world in a language that everyone understands. With the power to inspire and unite people from diverse backgrounds and to create hope, the Expo 2020 Dubai sports platform has been developed with a shared purpose of international cooperation towards a healthier, happier and safer planet.”

In 2019, Australia launched its Sports Diplomacy 2030 strategy. Sports Diplomacy 2030 envisages closer collaboration between Australia’s sports codes,

industry and government to leverage the nation’s sporting excellence in ways that enhance Australia’s international influence and reputation and advances its national interests.

Expo 2020 Dubai provides a platform for Australia to leverage its strong sporting brand, to enhance its global reputation, build diplomatic and economic relations, and identify international opportunities.

The Australian Pavilion will work alongside Expo 2020, and international partners to deliver a series of major sporting events that explore the power of sport to promote gender equality, disability inclusion, social cohesion, and healthy lifestyles.

Sports technology and High Performance are multi-billion-dollar industries with significant growth potential that have revolutionised sports in both the professional and amateur environments. Australia has a strong track record of fostering innovation in sports technology and performance training. This symposium will bring together sports innovators, athletes and industry to discuss the future of sport.

 The Australian Pavilion will work with the Women’s Pavilion to highlight the dynamic role of women and girls in sport. This event will bring together women leaders within the sports industry for a dynamic program of presentations and panel discussions.

Sport is a globally recognised vehicle to achieve development outcomes in areas such as health, social cohesion, gender equality and disability inclusion. Australia will share its best-practices in successfully using sport to deliver development programs in the Indo-Pacific that address the Sustainable Development Goals.

How to develop a sports diplomacy strategy – led by Stephanie Brantz, Chair, Australia Sports Diplomacy Council.

Harnessing the unique power of sport to bring together people, communities and nations, Expo 2020 Dubai will offer a packed sporting programme featuring a diverse array of free activities, exhibition matches, big-name sporting stars and an entire zone dedicated to fitness and wellness.

Aussie Park, a multipurpose sports field, is located adjacent to the Australian Pavilion, within the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub – a 5,400 sqm space complete with football goals, basketball courts, and space for volleyball, tennis, and netball; ‘Big Bash’ cricket nets, an indoor fitness studio; a fitness stage; large LED screens; and a space for sports exhibitions, showcases and celebrity signings.

A space that promotes physical activity as a way of life, Aussie Park is the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai’s sporting programme. Aussie Park will host events and competitions throughout Expo, and visitors will enjoy activities for free as part of their entry ticket – emphasising that sport really is for everyone. These programs include; The MiniRoos program will run for the duration of Expo. It will take place 2-3 times per week. UAE coaches will be trained and developed by Football Australia, with ongoing mentoring. This program serves as an introduction to soccer and will primarily target groups with little to minimal experience with the game.

In partnership with the International Cricket Council and Cricket Australia, the Australian Pavilion will deliver the Australian Cricket Academy. Running 2-3 times during the week, on weekends, and during school holidays. It will concentrate on batting and bowling skills located at the Aussie Big Bash Cricket nets at Aussie Park. School children will be invited to attend the Aussie Sports Camp at Expo 2020 Dubai during UAE school holidays. Participants will learn about Australian sport, while developing skills in a relaxed and fun environment.

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