The issues surrounding Europe are not going away and whatever is decided it will likely have an impact on many motorhomers adventures, most of which can be dealt with as and when it happens.

However there is one aspect that definitely needs to be considered in advance and that’s about the pets we take with us.

Currently, under the Pets passport scheme, dogs and cats are allowed to travel to and from European countries, as long as they fulfill a few small requirements (microchipping, rabies vaccinations, getting a pet passport).

However if the UK leaves Europe on 29 March without a deal, then the rules will change. In this scenario pet passports issued in the UK would not be valid.

The government recommends you start this process four months before travelling, so talk to your vet sooner rather than later if you plan to take your pet to Europe next year.

The new requirements may include getting a blood sample sent to an EU-approved testing laboratory to show the effect of a recent rabies vaccination/booster was successful. You also need to wait three months from the date the successful blood was taken before you can travel.

A health certificate (from an official veterinarian/OV) will also be needed 10 days before travelling. According to gov.uk this health certificate is valid for

  • 10 days after the date of issue for entry into the EU
  • 4 months of onward travel within the EU
  • re-entry to the UK for 4 months after the date of issue

On arrival in the EU, pet owners travelling with their pets would be required to enter through a designated Travellers’ Point of Entry (TPE). At the TPE, the pet owner may be asked to present proof of microchip, rabies vaccination and the blood test result alongside their pet’s health certificate.

If you are planning to be out of the country (or are already out of the country) before this date and returning after 29 March, DEFRA has confirmed, “For pets travelling from the UK to other EU Member States prior to 29 March but returning after the UK exits the EU, existing UK-issued pet passports will be valid for return to the UK.”

For more information head to the gov.uk web page for specific details about what could happen in the event of no deal being reached



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