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Philip Kuruvita’s book of photography, travel recommendations and recipes, Eat, Drink, Love, is a fixture on the gift shop trail pretty much wherever you go in Tasmania. He sold out of all of his first run of copies of the beautiful travel guide in only eight months. But instead of just printing more, Kuruvita decided to make an entirely new book. The result? Eat, Drink, Love 2. The sequel was born of a lengthy trip around Tasmania, hunting out undiscovered spots for uniquely Tasmanian food experiences. There was no shortage of new spots to include, he said – and he made sure to include a lot more content about the relatively unexplored West Coast. “It’s a completely new book, new places, new recipes, new pictures … there’s only three businesses that were in the last one that are also in this one,” he said. Philip Kuruvita has been the Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the Year five times. He is a Fellow of both the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Professional Photography, and is Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography – and one of just a handful in Australia. He operates out of his studio, Kuruvita Photography, which is a family business: consisting of himself, his wife, Vicki, and their daughter, Samantha. Originally from Sydney, Kuruvita has lived in Tasmania for the past 30 years. Over that time he has seen the food and drink industry – the core of his travel book – go from being virtually nonexistent, to being the jewel in Tasmania’s tourism crown. “When we first came here we absolutely could not buy a bottle of Tasmanian wine,” he said. “They’d tell you, it’s all gone to Sydney – they were making such small quantities of it that you couldn’t buy it here. At all. “And you look at the food scene here now – it’s the envy of the whole country. “There’s been massive changes.” But regardless of the state of tourism, Kuruvita’s love for Tasmania hasn’t changed over the past three decades. He is still in a state of awe at how much is contained in this little island. “There are beaches like we’ve got in other places in the world, and mountains like we’ve got in other places in the world,” he said, “But nowhere are both of those things two hour’s drive from a capital city. “And in amongst all that, there’s really passionate people who are putting all their efforts into the food and wine and whiskies … they make it the fabulous place it is.” There will be a book signing of Eat, Drink, Love 2 at Petrarch’s Bookshop on December 2, from 10.30am until 12pm.

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