The department’s social media platforms now exceed 260,000 followers

KAIFENG, China, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In order to further enhance the overseas popularity and influence of Henan tourism brand, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province has been focusing on the maintenance and operation of the overseas new media platforms in recent years. Since May 2018, the department has successfully planned several activities, including “Visit Henan with Our Official Henan Ambassador”, “5-Day Challenge in Henan“and “Charming Chinese New Year”, with the support of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other mainstream new media platforms.

During the activities, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province attracted the attention of tons of fans to spontaneously post and share relevant pictures and videos by means of thematic poster publicity, video promotion and in-depth KOL dissemination, further expanding the influence of the activity. Taking the “Charming Chinese New Year” as an example, the department took the market as the guide instead of the traditional official promotion mode, gathered the cultural elements of Henan Spring Festival, produced special event posters and actively interacted with fans on line. These fresh new publicity methods made the official media platform lively and interesting, greatly improved the fan’s awareness of local culture with Henan characteristics, created a new model of publicity and promotion, and accelerated the integrated development of cultural tourism in Henan.  

Currently, the number of followers on the four major overseas social media platforms of Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province has exceeded 260,000. The steady increase in the number of followers shows that more and more overseas audiences get to know Henan through the overseas media platform and the influence of Henan’s culture has been expanded. It is of great significance to further enhance the recognition, reputation and the international influence of Henan cultural tourism brand. 

With the rise of social media and short video, the traditional way of cultural tourism promotion is being overturned. More and more people are falling in love with travel and constantly explore new routes for overseas travel, hoping to become the “ambassador” of the destination and spread what they see and hear in travel to the whole world. In the future, Henan will continue to innovate the marketing promotion model, constantly expand the international influence of Henan, let more Chinese civilization lovers from overseas have a deep understanding of Henan, promote the further transformation and upgrading of Henan’s cultural and tourism industry, and provide impetus for the internationalization of Henan’s tourism brand.

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