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Ali in Salalah.
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Muscat: “For authentic and reliable information on places to visit in Oman, I check OmanTripper’s Instagram account or visit his blog”, says Julia Mcinnski a PR professional from Berlin.

Ian, who has been in Oman for the last three years, working with an oil company, added: “From the time I have been in Oman, almost every weekend during the cooler months, I go tripping to different places in Oman. And my guide is always OmanTripper’s blog.”

Who is this OmanTripper?

Known to most of the Gen Y and Z members and a Gen Y himself, Oman Tripper’s name is Ali Mohammadi, born and brought up in the Sultanate. “I am an engineer and a couch potato on weekdays, who also happens to be very passionate about nature, the outdoors and photography. Having lived in New Zealand for over 7 years, I started exploring the Omani outdoors with my friend Riyad after my return home, and that is how we decided to start OmanTripper in 2012. I try to go on a trip every other weekend, and at least once a month – and I can never quite catch up on writing about the places I’ve been to.”

What prompted Ali to start the blog in 2013 was that there wasn’t much available online about places to visit and explore in Oman. “The blog became popular and I would often get queries from people asking me to guide them or take them places, so that is how I also started offering tours either by myself or through my trusted friends and affiliates. “

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Ali in Snake Canyon, in Oman.

Ali has received many encouraging messages and mails from visitors who have come to Oman and visited places recommended by Ali. “I have clients mainly from Europe and had started getting queries from as far as the US and Canada. It makes me very happy when I receive emails or messages saying that they found the information on OmanTripper very valuable in planning their holiday and travels in Oman,” Ali said. Ali is also a licenced tour guide in Oman, apart from being a prolific blogger and photographer.

Ali feels the versatile topography of Oman, right from mountains, to Wadis to beautiful coastlines – make it an appealing destination for people with different tastes. But if there is a place in Oman that Ali feels special for its timeless beauty, it is the Western Hajar Mountain.

“Between Al Rustaq to Al Hamra with its picturesque villages, amazing mountains and canyons, this region is worth highlighting more! There is going to be a big focus on local tourism as international travel is currently not possible and everyone wants to go out and explore places in Oman despite the summer heat! However, I urge all to take caution and observe guidelines especially related to social distancing and gathering in groups, and of course please always keep the places clean if you visit,” Ali said with a smile.

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