Odisha: The ongoing five-day Konark Festival promises to be a treat for art lovers

The five-day annual Konark Festival is being celebrated in Konark, kicking off with classical dance performances including Kathak and Odissi, after Odisha Governor inaugurated the fest. It is being celebrated in the backdrop of the Sun Temple and International Sand Art Festival at Chandrabhaga Beach; this year, the theme of the festival is culture, eco-tourism, no plastic, women empowerment, and heritage.

Also, the motive behind organising such a fest is to provide a platform to blossoming artists from India and abroad, and celebrate and honour the skills they possess in classical art forms. And since there can be no dance without music, the celebrations honour expert musicians, who are skilled in reciting tones and hymns from different genres using different instruments.

Odisha: The ongoing five-day Konark Festival promises to be a treat for art lovers

Latest reports suggest that around 123 artists from India and artists from the United States of America, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Togo will be taking part in the Sand Art Festival. One of the artists, while talking to the media, said that it is a prestigious moment for them and that nothing can be greater than this moment as various cultures are coming together to perform under one roof.

The festival, this time, is also being celebrated in a grand style, aiming to create international cultural amity and brotherhood, further enhanced by diverse aesthetic and spiritual flavours here. Grab this chance when there is still time and get ready to enjoy this live extravaganza of dance and music in the Konark Festival that officially kicked off in Odisha yesterday.

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