New park to fuel Qingpu's software industry

Ti Gong

Officials and NetEase representatives kick off construction on Monday. 

New park to fuel Qingpu's software industry

Ti Gong

Construction on NetEase Shanghai International Culture and Innovation Science and Technology Park starts on Monday. 

Construction of an international culture and innovation science and technology park with a total investment of around 5 billion yuan (US$906 million) kicked off in Qingpu District on Monday. It will feature gaming, eSports and virtual reality industries.

The 621,000-square-meter NetEase Shanghai International Culture and Innovation Science and Technology Park is being built at the Shanghai Shixi Software Information Park.

It will incorporate innovation, incubation, technology, commerce, lifestyle and events. It will include an eSports venue which can accommodate about 2,000 people, office buildings, a display and training center, an e-commerce offline experience shop, and housing and business supporting facilities.

It will introduce investment and cultivate gaming and animation, eSports and virtual reality industries and attract relevant industry chain partners, forming an industrial park gathering 20,000 high-end professionals, said Zhao Huiqin, Qingpu’s Party secretary.

It will support the development of Shanghai Shixi Software Information Park and fuel the development of Qingpu’s software information industry, the district government said.

Shanghai and NetEase have huge cooperation potential in terms of the company’s business and industry layout, and the city will spare no effort to create a world-class business environment, said Chen Mingbo, vice secretary general of the Shanghai government.

Qingpu will further step up the introduction of high-level professionals and improve the business environment to make the district one of the most competitive and attractive regions for businesses in the Yangtze River Delta region, Zhao said.

In September 2018, the Shanghai government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NetEast to promote the landing of industrial projects such as cross-border e-commerce and eSports in the city.

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