The ranges of language spoken by the tour guides include English, Spanish, Malaysian, Russian and more, inviting tourists from all nations.

Moreover, mycultureis offers K-culture classes for international travelers. The categories of classes include *Dance & Music *Martial Arts, *Korean Cuisine, *Artworks *Calligraphy & Drawing. Korean masters who can speak English will instruct each class so tourists can experience the beautiful cultures of Korea.

Examples of experiences offered in each category include learning Korean traditional musical instruments, making Kimchi in a Hanok (traditional Korean houses), Taekkyeon and Taekwondo (Korean traditional martial arts), Jagae (pearl craft) and natural dye from master crafters, making a customized stamp with your Korean name, Korean painting, traditional alcoholic beverages, traditional dessert snacks-tteok (rice cake)/yeot (Korean taffy), and more. There are more than 25 classes available, with each class being 1-3 hours long.

Morevover, mycultureis also offers Korean cooking class for people who love Korean culture and cuisine through its YouTube channel. A video teaching a new Korean recipe taught by a Korean chef and interpreted in various languages by a foreign host is released every Monday. The channel offers videos in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Swedish, and Japanese. Videos in Italian and Thai are also coming soon.

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