Vacations are extremely important to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. For those who have a busy lifestyle and a lot on their mind, vacations become a time to relax away from the worries of the world.

I am not among those lucky people who have the time, resources and energy to travel to beautiful places with rich history and scenic landscapes which allow the mind to get refreshed and be productive for future endeavors.

I have written in this space earlier that vacations are the first casualty when you join a newspaper.

I feel envy for the Sharif family, which has embarked on a refreshing journey to Europe for a vacation. The family, including former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and party vice president Maryam Nawaz, her brothers Hussain and Hassan Nawaz, along with Junaid Safdar and other family members, will be enjoying the next few days in Europe. They will fly and take trains to get to different countries.

The tradition of going to vacation is unheard of among the politicians of Pakistan. Only schoolchildren and judges go on annual vacations.

Nawaz Sharif is lucky to spend time with his family on a vacation tour. His passport expired last year, and as he feared that the Khan government would not renew it, he did not bother getting it renewed. When the previous prime minister was ousted and Sharif’s brother became the new head of government, the former three-time premier was offered a diplomatic passport. His journey to five European countries will be on that diplomatic passport. For the Sharifs, such a vacation was important, as the family has been tirelessly fighting court cases and accusations from various parts of Pakistani society. For many years now, the family has witnessed losses, both publicly and privately. They have not been able to enjoy a moment of peace in Pakistan or abroad. While staying in the UK, the Sharif family was time and again, harassed by PTI supporters. They did not have even a moment of peace, even when staying miles away from Pakistan. This vacation will allow them to connect as a family and get the peace and quiet they have been denied for a long time.

Some time away from the problems of the world is good to rejuvenate the mind and the body. Vacations help one rest, relax, and recharge. It helps in avoiding burnout which can happen to such high-profile people who have so many things to worry about. When one comes back from a vacation, the mental fog is gone and that helps in making better decisions due to increased productivity and focus. Moreover, regular breaks can lower stress levels. The Sharif family has faced a lot of stress in the past few years and so this vacation will help them lower their stress levels. Vacations also improve familial relations as people get time to reconnect and be present for each other.

When one takes some time off from the world, their mind becomes relaxed, which allows them to tap into their creative sides. This is why people get inspired to do better and become increasingly productive once they return from their sabbatical.

Right now, my vacations are not on my mind.

Once the Sharif family is back, they are likely to be more connected and the father-daughter duo will also work towards creating a better future for their party and the country as they will get time to tap into their creative side and this will inspire them to do even better than they already do.

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