Extreme places for adventure junkies to travel


This town in Russia is the coldest inhabited place on earth. In 2013, Oymyakon’s weather station had recorded a temperature of -98- the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.  Despite the notorious weather, this place is famous for the abundance of winter activities like snowmobiling, sledding, cross-country skiing and ice fishing.

Atacama Desert:

 This Chilean desert spanning across an area of about 105,000 kilometer squares is the driest place on earth.  The desert boasts an average temperature of about 18 degrees C. Besides crossing the hot desert, you can visit wonderful places like Valle del Arcoíris (rainbow valley), Valley of the Moon, Chaxa Lagoon and Miscanti Lagoon.

Tristan da Cunha:

If you are looking from an actual getaway from all the chaos, no other place is perfect than the most isolated place on earth. This island, which is 1,750 miles far from the nearest land in Africa, hosts 300 residents and has no airports. Tristan da Cunha can be reached only through sea.


 Ever wanted to have a close encounter with the creatures of the sea? The South African fishing town Gansbaai has the perfect opportunity for you. Cage diving with sharks is one of the major tourist attractions of this place.  If your intentions waver, you can always watch the whales from Pearly Beach. 

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