Choosing a vacation involves a lot of preplanning, and it’s not always easy to pick a destination. Many times, people will plan a trip based on different sites they’d like to see, and history buffs especially enjoy visiting places with important spots such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Everyone may not realize that more than 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Asia. Taking a cruise with Crystal Cruises allows travelers to visit these various sites, as the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity have several of them in their itineraries for 2020 and 2021.

Travelers who enjoy lush greenery will love visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s incredible to see beautiful gardens in a busy city where they are least expected. These gardens are cherished for their history and scientific developments.

Legend has it the “Bay of the Descending Dragon,” also known as Ha Long Bay, was a place where the gods sent dragons to defend the land from intruders. This beautiful group of rainforest islands is located in Vietnam and offers stunning views along with hiking, scuba diving and rock climbing.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan is another amazing site for guests traveling with Crystal Cruises to view during their trip. Visitors will be moved after experiencing the only structure still standing after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945.

Crystal Clear Choices
PHOTO: Crystal Serenity. (photo via Crystal Cruises)

Visit the Crystal Insider to learn about other World Heritage Sites to visit during a Crystal Cruise.

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