Msheireb Museums marks International Museum Day

 16 May 2018 – 9:23

Msheireb Museums marks International Museum Day

A panel discussion held at Bin Jelmood House as part of Msheireb Museums’ celebration of International Museum Day.

DOHA: Msheireb Museums has celebrated International Museum Day at Bin Jelmood House located at Msheireb Downtown Doha’s Heritage Quarter.

The theme of the celebration was ‘Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics’ chosen by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and International Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA).

Hafiz Ali, Msheireb Museums Director, CECA President Milene Chiovatto, and representatives of cultural and educational institutions in Qatar attended the event which included presentations by CECA and UCL Qatar representatives, the first Msheireb Museums Friends programme graduation and a panel discussion.

“It is a great pleasure to celebrate International Museum Day here at Msheireb Museums, a tradition we have followed in recent years. Marking this important date reiterates our commitment to supporting artistic development in Qatar, and reflects our passion to positively contribute to the flourishing global cultural scene,” said Ali.

In his welcoming speech, he announced that Msheireb Museums was one of five entities to get the “Best Practices Award” by CECA, accoupling the museums’ role in promoting educational initiatives and cultural events.

Milene Chiovatto, President of CECA conducted a presentation with the results of a two-day workshop for students, academics, and cultural leaders to commemorate this global event. During the workshop, participants had the chance to explore the possibility of seeing the transformation of ideas, and go from a theoretical aspect to practice through showing examples from around the world.

A panel discussion took place enabling participants to discuss ways in which museums and educational institutions can work together to support their curriculum and bridge the gap presented by language and culture.

The event also witnessed the graduation of Msheireb Museums Friends programme. Last year, this programme was launched aiming to create cultural ambassadors by training teachers and leaders from a wide range of educational and youth associations along with students by developing leadership skills, and to help highlight the historic cultural houses. 

“We are pleased to celebrate the Msheireb Museums Friends graduation, our programme that is designed to challenge the conventional approach to cultural education and enables us to create a knowledge ecosystem that delivers cultural, societal and educational wealth,” said Ali.

In line with its mandate, Msheireb Museums has built strong connections and collaborations with academic institutions, including universities, colleges, research programmes and exhibitions to engage with the museums’ offering and content. In addition, visitors of the museums have access to the library’s valuable digital resources of Qatar National Library. To promote tourism to Qatar, Msheireb Museums also collaborated with Qatar Tourism Authority to provide tour guides with best practices and training to share with international visitors.

International Museum Day is marked by more than 36,000 museums across 147 countries to raise awareness on museums as an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace.


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