2018 Miss Marianas Celine Concepcion Cabrera will be vying for the Miss International crown with 80 other young women in Tokyo, Japan on Nov. 9.

Celine Cabrera

Cabrera said it is her aim to represent the CNMI for who she is: “A humble, strong Chamorro woman who loves her islands and her people.”

She added, “My goal is to wow the judges and the other contestants, hopefully leaving a thought in their minds to visit the CNMI one day. Our culture, islands, and people are worth being recognized worldwide. Our culture is unique. We hold high values within our families. We respect our elders, care for our land and beaches, and protect our traditions through the guidance of older generations.”

Cabrera said she is now preparing for the pageant, and this includes staying healthy by exercising.

“I am not on any diet. However, I do watch what I eat and I make sure I have my veggies,” she added.

The local pageant group, Stellar Marianas, will conduct Q&A practice sessions with Cabrera to help her “think on her feet.”

“I get full support from Stellar Marianas. They are providing me with excellent training, and they will be there throughout the experience. The forthcoming months will be hectic with preparation for the competition,” she said.

Cabrera is among the Top 15 Miss International candidates, according to Missosology, a leading beauty pageant website that covers and analyzes the “Big Five” pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Supranational.

“The fact that I was chosen as a top contender for the pageant by Missosology is unbelievable,” Cabrera said. “Coming from such a small community and still being recognized by a popular pageant blog gives me extreme confidence which may be just what I need in the upcoming pageant. I will promote our islands’ culture, beauty, and people.”

Missosology’s top 15 pick:

1) Panama – Shirel Ortiz

2) Philippines – Maria Ahtisa Manalo

3) South Africa – Reabetswe Sechoaro

4) Slovakia – Radka Grendová

5) Venezuela – Mariem Velazco

6) Colombia – Anabella Castro

7) Poland – Marta Palucka

8) Bolivia – Maria Elena Antelo

9) Ecuador – Michelle Huet

10) Myanmar – May Yu Khatar

11) Paraguay – Daisy Lezcano

12) Indonesia – Vania Herlambang

13) Hungary – Frida Maczkó

14) Nepal – Ronali Amatya

15) Northern Marianas – Celine Concepcion Cabrera

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