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Port Macquarie as a destination offers visitors fantastic accessible options and information. That’s the view of Have Wheelchair Will Travel website creator Julie Jones. Have Wheelchair Will Travel was developed by the Jones family to assist others in finding accessible travel information. The family features Julie, Mark, Braeden, 25, and 18-year-old Amelia. Julie said her family returned to Port Macquarie each year because the town was so accessible from the beach wheelchairs to the level walkways. She said Port Macquarie offered a good variety of activities. Julie’s travel tips include booking accommodation in advance as accessible accommodation booked out early. “Visitors with a mobility restriction will find the town centre incredibly accessible and we love the fact that there’s a choice of beaches with beach wheelchairs,” she said. “We always find the lifeguards super helpful and keen to make our beach visits a success.” A wheelchair accessible guide to Port Macquarie can be found on the Have Wheelchair Will Travel website. Julie worked as a travel consultant prior to Braeden’s birth. Braeden, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of five months, is non-verbal and a wheelchair user but he is extremely social. Braeden loves the welcoming nature of the locals in Lake Cathie and Port Macquarie. “Many people recognise him visit to visit and this welcoming atmosphere makes Port Macquarie feel like our second home,” Julie said. “I’ve visited Port Macquarie since the age of nine and I’ve seen the accessibility develop and that’s what keeps our family returning at least once every year.” Julie and Mark have travelled in Australia and overseas with Braeden and Amelia. “While we love exploring the world, there’s something special about creating family memories in the same destination year after year,” Julie said. “It’s also the place of special memories for myself as I used to visit my aunt who lived at Lake Cathie.” And while Port Macquarie scores top points in terms of accessibility, there could be some improvements. Julie said they would love to be able to access more of the coastal walks. “The coastline is so beautiful and we love enjoying it in every possible way,” she said. Rainbow Beach at Bonny Hills is one of the family’s favourite places for a day trip when staying in Port Macquarie. “It’s wonderful to see a beach wheelchair available to use but we’d love to see an access ramp, similar to the one at Flynns Beach, available to make access to the beach easier and safer,” Julie said. What else is making news, sport? Thank you for valuing local journalism with your subscription. While you’re with us, you can also receive updates straight to your inbox from the Port Macquarie News. To make sure you’re up to date with all the news, sign up here.



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