For many of us, including Ghanaian politicians, travelling translates into a moment of joy, in which one explores new places, meet new people, while the beauty of the landscapes, streets, clean environments, good drainage systems, beautifully constructed apartments, monuments, etc, introduce themselves to us.

While Ghanaian politicians enjoy all those beautiful sceneries and healthy environments, do those experiences remain imprinted in the minds after the sight-seeing or the journey?

Frankly speaking, selfishness and greed rule the heart of many Ghanaian politicians. If Ghanaian politicians do really care to provide what they enjoy overseas in the country, they can do that no matter how long the projects will take but they simply don’t care.

They avoid costly projects which will benefit the country and embark on insignificant ones with the aim of seeking self-recognition. Africa is a hundred times richer than Europe but why many Africans live in poverty despite the vast rich mineral resources?


Crowded street market in Ghana
During the Second World War, European countries such as Poland, Germany, Belgium, Czech, etc, were heavily destroyed, yet when you visit any of the countries affected by the war, you may argue if really they suffered any destruction at all.

The war came to an end in 1945, twelve years later, Ghana attained its independence, yet when you visit Ghana, you will be miserable sometimes if you see how filthy the cities are.

They are many places without public toilets, street bins, therefore, people throw rubbish everywhere, including gutters and answer to nature’s call indiscriminately with impunity, while all the European countries depend on fines for such offences as a form of taxation to develop the city.

Just walk down to the ‘Makola Market’ and see the congestion, filth and crammed streets of traders interrupting the movements of vehicles, yet, the Ghanaian politicians who just came back from Europe, even though they were happy about what they saw, lack the knowledge to develop their own country.


The degrading images of filthy Ghana
The Ghanaian politician sends his child to the best school; probably have a good family doctor, so when their children are sick, you will never find them among the poor children at any of the hospitals in the country, including the ‘Korle-Bu Hospital,’ So why should they care about the suffering masses?

In Ghana, are many foreign missions, consulates, and embassies, sometimes I wonder what exactly they think about the Ghanaian government if any of the ministers start to boast about achieving something significant in the country.

As I know, every good country in Europe, including Belgium, supports a child financially, right from the mother’s womb, during day nursery, primary and second education, until he or she completes education and gets a job.


A food market in Brussels
Even before the child is born, the mother receives over 900 Euros free from the Belgian government to prepare for the arrival of the child. This demonstrates how the government cares about people. That is the reason things that happen in Africa never occur in Europe.


One of the cleanest places in the city of Antwerp, Belgium

Therefore, Ghanaian politicians, please, stop boasting, instead, when you travel abroad, let the happiness and the knowledge you acquired over developments and healthy environments, inspire you to do the same for your country Ghana.

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