With the nation of Iceland reopening soon to tourism, some tour companies there are now offering to cover voluntary Covid-19 screening fees for visitors, which can run up to around US$114, Laurie Baratti of Travel Pulse reported.

Iceland’s latest border travel policies offer inbound visitors the option to either take a Covid-19 test upon arrival or adhere to the standard fourteen-day quarantine.

Those who are tested receive their results within 24 hours via the “Rakning C-19” contact-tracing app (which they’re required to download) and, once cleared, are free to head off to their excursions around the country.

The Nordic nation relies rather heavily on tourism revenue, and the impact of Covid-19-related travel bans was substantial. The National Statistical Institute of Iceland estimated that the island has suffered a 28% decline in tourism takings from foreign visitors.

While not a member of the European Union, Iceland is nonetheless part of the passport-free Schengen zone, the external borders of which the European Commission has seen fit to reopen as of July 1, 2020.

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