Surfers who have Morocco on their travel wish lists are often seeking long, flawless righthand points and powerful, slabby wedges. Those were exactly the kind of oceanic cravings surfers Ben O’Haraand Oliver Boswell–the owners of Surf Maroc–had a couple decades ago when they drove down from the UK in a Transit van to explore the many world-class points that line the North African country’s coast.

“We were at university together studying in the UK and we just came out here on a last minute trip, like within 3 hours booked this trip,” says Ben. “We kept coming back. It’s just an easy, quick trip from the UK, great place, great waves, great climate.”

The duo kept visiting the area of Taghazout–a small town outside Agadir–that fronts the famed Anchor Point and decided they wanted to set up a surf camp there for traveling surfers. Fast forward 15 years and now Surf Maroc operates four ocean-front camps and accommodates surfers from all around the world.

After staying with Ben and Ollie on a recent trip to Taghazout-and with the Atlantic finally waking up for winter-we decided to put together a short guide for surfers looking to go on a Moroccan strike mission this winter.


When to Go: Morocco gets surf year around, as its curvy coastline faces both NW and SW. But if you’re looking for those perfect, lined-up, grinding right-handers, you’d be smart to go during the winter season (October through March) when the Atlantic starts churning out powerful swells.

Getting There: If you’re heading to the Taghazout area, you’ll have to fly into Agadir, which is roughly a 25-minute drive from Taghazout. If you’re flying from LAX, you’ll likely have a layover in New York and possibly Paris or Casablanca. One way to find a cheaper round-trip flight is to book a flight from LAX to Paris through a major airline. And then take Easy Jet, Ryanair or Transavia from Paris to Agadir. You might save a few hundred dollars doing things that way, but make sure you give yourself enough time between your arrival and departure in Paris to allow for having to recheck all your bags into a different airline.

What to Know About the Town: Surfers have been traveling to Taghazout for decades, and the town reflects that. Taghzout was once a small fishing village that is now a bustling mini-town full of cafes, accommodations and shops–even of the surfy nature. It’s got a very laidback, bohemian vibe and everyone is very friendly. Morocco is a Muslim country, so just remember to be respectful of their culture, no matter how different it is than yours. You should be fine wearing beachwear in town, but if you’re a woman and choose to visit a nearby smaller village, make sure to cover up your shoulders and knees.

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