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Indonesian state-owned enterprise (BUMN) and social insurance agency has collaborated with Oracle Cloud to help more than 250,000 city-dwelling Indonesians travel home for Hari Raya.

Beginning on 5 June, the period of celebration marks the end of Islam’s holiest month of Ramadan.

Oracle Cloud has continued to help the agency scale its public-accessible registration database for travellers in the Bareng BUMN 2019 program, which saw a breaking record 250,000 travellers in 155 cities via land, sea and air travel during 2018.

Jasa Raharja, the organisation responsible for co-ordinating the program, has used the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to help the program scale, allowing more Indonesians to travel home as a result.

In 2018, 250,000 Indonesians benefited from the program, an increase of 70 per cent from the year before. The number of Mudik Gratis destination cities has also increased year by year, from 77 cities in 2016, 84 cities in 2017, to become 155 cities in 2018.

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