As ATEEZ’s rookie era winds down, take a deeper look into the group’s discography and the journey of life that their music tells.

From their debut in 2018, ATEEZ took the K-pop industry by storm in an epic fashion, with flags raised in a triumphant declaration announcing their arrival, quite literally. The rookie group from KQ Entertainment revealed a bold pirate concept, unlike anything seen before.

Impressively, ATEEZ’s rich storyline coalesces into their music in an effortless manner. And while there are countless theories regarding their pirate worldview (and their time-travelling doppelgangers, who may or may not be evil), their music simultaneously tells the story of life in general, providing company and comfort to their dedicated listeners.


As fans bid farewell to their rookie era, take a look back at the various songs with which ATEEZ offered solace and comfort to fans on the rocky journey of life.

“Pirate King”

Though a literal manifestation of their pirate narrative, ATEEZ’s debut song “Pirate King” captivated listeners. While its catchy hook and trap beat initially captivated listeners, its lyrics tell an inspirational tale.

Beckoning fans with the words, “Will you be my friend?” ATEEZ encourages listeners to come along with them on a relentless journey in pursuit of achieving dreams and success.

While the song indicates life’s travels may be riddled with challenges, ATEEZ’s “Pirate King” promises that anything is achievable with ambition and companionship to help support you along the way.


The sweetly penned b-side “Promise”, is an encouraging anthem. Acknowledging the hardships that occur throughout life, the saccharine ballad is a message to ATEEZ’s fans.

Providing reassurance through lyrics like “I promise you/ No one take you down”, the song cheers on listeners to keep going through whatever difficulty they may be experiencing and promises better days to come.

As the members sing, “Look forward to the future” and vow their company, the track is a feel-good empowerment to keep moving even in moments of difficulty.

“Dancing Like Butterfly Wings”

“Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” is a song of hopeful optimism. In the upbeat track, ATEEZ sings to listeners about unthinkable heights and suggests that despite the fear of falling, fans should continue to strive towards their greatest dreams.

Crooning lyrics such as “Enjoy our own flight dance” the members suggest that no road to happiness is the same.

The track advises fans to keep living life their own way and to keep striving for the greatest heights that they desire.


With lyrics written by Hongjoong and Mingi, as well as composed by Hongjoong, “Sunrise” is a beloved fan-favorite for its uplifting lyrics. The song uses the analogy of a sunrise to explain life, promising that despite the hardships the listener may be enduring, time will pass and bring brighter times.

Filled with reassuring words such as, “You don’t need to worry/ You’re doing just fine/ Just keep it up”, ATEEZ comforts their fans with the reminder that dark moments are only temporary.

“One Day At A Time”

One of the only K-pop songs to explicitly address life in the era of COVID-19, “One Day At A Time” is the ultimate comfort track listeners needed. The song promises a reunion between ATEEZ and fans once COVID-19 finally meets its end. While the track specifically references the hardships of the current global pandemic, its message is applicable to any life struggle fans may have.

ATEEZ sings directly to fans, stating, “You’ll be alright/ Just take it slow/ One day at a time”. In sharp contrast to a world constantly on the go, the song encourages listeners not to overwhelm themselves with the difficulties or pace of life.

Defining ATEEZ’s unique charisma through a singular aspect is an impossible feat. However, it is undeniable that a significant part of their magic lies in their music, which details the journey through both their pirate narrative, but also life more generally.

Their musical message resonates beyond their conceptual worldview and attempts to help guide and comfort fans through their own journeys. As ATEEZ continue building their impressive discography, fans can surely anticipate more musical gems to come.

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