Greece is among the leading destinations of choice for potential long-haul vacationers in five overseas markets who are look to travel abroad in the coming three months, says a survey released recently by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and Eurail BV.

According to the latest “Long-Haul Travel Barometer 3/2021 (LHTB)” on intentions to travel to Europe between September and December this year, travelers from Canada, China, Japan, Russia, and the United States cite Greece among their choices. 

LHTB analysts note that although travel intent has improved compared to last year, intentions to travel to Europe between September and December 2021 remain weak in key overseas markets with Covid-19 still acting as a deterrent for many long-haul travelers.

Although long-haul travel sentiment remains weak, desire to travel among these five key long-haul markets has improved over the year with Western and Central European countries among the most popular locations for long-haul tourists planning to visit Europe.

A closer look reveals that Greece is among the top destinations for Russians (3rd), Chinese (9th), Americans (6th), Japanese (8th), and Canadians (5th)

Key to changing attitudes and concerns towards travel as well as driving travelers’ destination choices in the coming months, the report says, is the effectiveness in managing the virus with places low in Covid cases gaining demand.

Source: Long-Haul Travel Barometer 3/2021

At the same time, the ETC is calling for more consistent and harmonized travel rules when it comes to long-haul travelers.

“While it is heartening to see some increase in desire to travel internationally and visit Europe, these latest results clearly demonstrate that more work needs to be done to boost tourism to Europe from key overseas markets,” said ETC President Luís Araújo. 

“Travelers are still hesitant to consider Europe as a destination right now. Looking towards 2022, it is imperative that we strive to implement more harmonized travel rules in Europe and globally and create greater clarity for long-haul travelers. As vaccination campaigns keep progressing, it is time to shift the focus from a risky country to a risky traveler,” Araújo added.

The ETC is an association of 33 national tourism organizations aimed at promoting Europe as a tourist destination to long-haul markets outside Europe.

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