Tianmen Mountain, China

“The trip includes a mix of cable cars, high-speed trains and regular transport and introduces some of China’s most fascinating wonders.”

About to enter its 50th year of business, Goway Travel is excited to showcase five new programs in China perfect for either the returning visitor, or the intrepid traveler determined to go beyond the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Amazing Landscapes of China: Beijing to Shanghai

Rice terraces, rivers dotted with limestone karsts, the fabled Yellow Mountains and voluminous caves are all part of this awe-inspiring trip. Amazing Landscapes of China mixes the famous highlights with lesser known delights such as the ancient cities of Pingyao and Taiyuan. It’s ideal for the active Globetrotter with a taste for beauty.

China Biking Tour

This 12-day trip also starts in Beijing, though the majority of it centers around the southern regions of Guilin and Lijiang. Globetrotters will pedal through rice terraces, wind their way through villages and explore monasteries and temples, all at a leisurely pace with many stops to try the local cuisine.

Giant Pandas and Ethnic Yunnan

This trip includes a visit to the world famous panda breeding center in Chengdu before visiting Lijiang – on two feet instead of two wheels this time. The Old Town here captures what life in China might have been like back at the turn of the century.

Our new 8-day Mighty Mountains

This epic trip starts in Zhangjiajie, the mountain location used in the 2009 film Avatar. It then travels further into the Yellow Mountain area stopping in small ancient villages before finishing Shanghai. The trip includes a mix of cable cars, high-speed trains and regular transport and introduces some of China’s most fascinating wonders.

A Foodies Guide to China

This trip follows the popular route of Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, and Shanghai. Armed with a pair of chopsticks (and any other necessary cutlery) Globetrotters enjoy China’s highlights with a sprinkle of Chinese herbs and spices along the way.

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