Experts brainstorm trends in the copyright industry

Ti Gong

Attendees brainstorm copyright trade and licensing industry development. 

A forum on copyright trade and licensing industry development has been held in Qingpu District.

It gathered officials, professors and industry insiders to brainstorm culture and tourism copyright licensing, digital copyright protection and trends in the copyright industry. 

Topics varied from the licensing industry market and trends,  the operation of virtual idol IP, the role of IP in boosting consumption brands in the digital era, the challenge of copyright protection, copyright monitoring and city landmarks. 

The copyright licensing industry has become a mainstream format of international cultural industry development, said Qiang Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Office. 

The global sales revenue of licensed commodities and services reached US$292.8 billion last year, hitting a new high in the past six years. China is one of the fastest growing markets in the field, but it only accounts for 3.6 percent of the global market share, showing great potentials a 2020 report by Licensing International, a non-profit agency, revealed. 

Experts brainstorm trends in the copyright industry

Ti Gong

The forum is well attended.

License holders, licensees and retailers should enhance communication and cooperation to adapt to the latest change of the market, experts said during the forum. It was hosted by the National Base for International Culture Trade (Shanghai), National Copyright Trade Base (Shanghai) and Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Office. 

Ren Jian, a professor at the college of communication and art design of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, shared insights into the practices and thoughts in the industrialized management of virtual idol IP. 

“Under the background of increasingly homogeneous products and materialized functions, implanting cultural creative IP into products and brands will increase their cultural values,” he said. 

“Virtual idol IP is increasingly gaining popularity among youngsters because it caters to the promotion features of social media and is more flexible to different markets.” 

The cultural empowerment of virtual idol IP creates unique experiences compared with traditional marketing ways and it is driven by technology and industry development rapidly, he added. 

More frequent cooperation between brand and virtual idol IP has been observed. The traditional manufacturing industry of the city is advised to research the interest and demand of young-generation consumers to accelerate cultural empowerment and promote brand marketing, said Ren. 

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