Earth Garden has a lineup of World Music, Ska, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Dub, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Trance, Techno, House, Electro, Disco & Electro-Swing and more! It’s a truly alternative festival that merges DJ culture with an eclectic and international blend of music influences.


It has an international reputation for creating a great festival experience with great lineups, pumping dance floors, friendly hospitality, hugs, fun & sun. Set in the beautiful National Park in the centre of Malta, Earth Garden has a unique vibe of sun, beats and a sort of world culture aesthetic that’s hard not to dig. About 120 artists, musicians and DJs will hit the scene to blow your mind with influences from around the globe.


It’s also an environmentally sustainable festival with a green strategy to manage waste and create awareness on environmental issues. Right on!


There’s music in six main areas: Roots Stage, Enchanted Forest, Electronic Sphere, Strawberry Field, Music Playground and a new intimate stage nestled under the trees.


The Roots Stage is the big draw … over four days there’s music from all over the world. There’s about 25 acts ranging from World Music, Ska & Reggae, Dub & Hip Hop, Blues & Alternative Music and more to hit your ears. Check out a complete list of performers in the lineup section farther below.


Enchanted Forest is the oldest area of the Festival and one of the people’s favourite. It features live evening events with various local and international DJs and Live acts with styles ranging from World Music, Reggae, Dub, Ska, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro Swing and some unusual but interesting Electronic Music. Headliners include Ashkabad, Sumac Dub, Kandee, K.O.G, Indialucia, Opal Ocean, Gardna.


Electronic Sphere is gonna be bangin’ with big Techno and Psy-Trance sounds this year. Reeko B2b Psyk, Max Lanfranconi, Dana Ruh, Sabretooth and Nerso will all be performing as well as other artists.


Strawberry Field features Acid, Hip-Hop, New School Afro-Beats, House, Disco & Funk with the likes of Horse Meat Disco, Ceephax Acid Crew and Modenine. There will also be some some seriously talented local and experienced artists in the space over the weekend.


Music Playground is one of the funnest areas with a laid back vibe of improv sessions and organized sessions under the shade of trees. It’s a creative space to jam and open yourself to new music, influences and atmosphere.


Two other big draws are the Ethnic Market as well as Healing Fields. Ethnic Market has a lot of handmade items and offers a global market type of vibe. Check out goods from artists and craftspeople!


Healing Fields is where you can work your mind, body and soul with workshops and talks. Well being, healthy eating, natural healing, therapies & remedies, spirituality, yoga, and massage are all included in the sessions. You can also chill and relax, meditate or just unwind from getting activated by all of the music at the festival.


All in all, Earth Garden is a magical place … you can get lost in the Mediterranean sun and escape everyday life for four days of a magical global culture unlike any other festival experience. How can you NOT want to go to that? It will change the way you experience a music festival forever!


See our Earth Garden Festival Guide from last year to see what happened.


The Earth Garden 2020 lineup and Earth Garden 2020 tickets are below!






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Earth Garden 2020 will be like this



Earth Garden 2020


The Earth Garden Roots Stage has World Music, Ska & Reggae, Dub & Hip Hop, Blues & Alternative Music and more



Earth Garden 2020


Enchanted Forest has four events featuring a mix of local and international DJs & live acts.



Earth Garden 2020


Electronic Sphere has big Techno and Psy-Trance sounds



Earth Garden 2020


This year Strawberry Field has Horse Meat Disco, Ceephax Acid Crew, Modenine and more



Earth Garden 2020 dates


The 2020 Earth Garden dates are June 4 – 7 in Ta’ Qali, Malta






Roots Stage Lineup
Mezerg & Waagal – France
Panda Dub – France
Gdc Vs Nextmen Feat. Gardna – U.K.
K.o.g & The Zongo Brigade – U.K & Africa
Henge – U.K.
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana
El Flecha Negra – Europe & South America
Indialucia – Europe & India
Kel Assouf – Niger & Belgium
Resonators – U.K.
London Afro-beat Collective – U.K.
Gypsies Of Bohemia – U.K.
Lucy’s Last
Island Roots
The Plakard Project
Opal Ocean – Australia
Pon Di Corner – Mediterranean & South America
Vinyl Paradise


Enchanted Forest Lineup
Gardna – U.K.
Ashkabad – France
Sumac Dub – France
Kandee – France
K.O.G. – Ghana/U.K.
Nik X Conti
Mundo Muzika
Indialucia (Duo) – Europe & India
Fighting Dread
Salted Dread
Freedom Fighters
James Cummings – U.K.
Dr. Zicotron
Society Sound System
Seeker – Italy
The Chef
Opal Ocean – Australia
Rasta – Italy


Electronic Sphere Lineup
Reeko B2b Psyk – Spain
Max Lanfranconi (Etnica) – Italy
Dana Ruh – Germany
Sabretooth – U.K.
Nerso – Serbia
Owen Jay
Manthrax B2b Cain
Soul Kontakt
Psyk B2b Reeko – Spain
Rod Minus
Brian James
Alpha Centauri
Flow (A.k.a Mundo Muzika)
4ace – U.K.
Cain B2b Manthrax


Strawberry Field Lineup
Horse Meat Disco – U.K.
Ceephax Acid Crew – U.K.
Modenine – Nigeria/U.K.
Ian Valer
No Symmetree
Gasp – U.S.A.
Fattima Mahdi – U.K.
Dj Nota – Netherlands
St John
Urban Rockett – Romania
Sean Rickett
Shay Who – Nigeria


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