Don Little US

Don Little, born Stephen Atanga, who is currently in the US on vacation has in a new video called on the government to help him return to Ghana via its COVID-19 evacuation plan for Ghanaians stuck abroad.

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The diminutive Kumawood actor, from the excerpt, expressed his frustration as he is currently stranded in the USA due to border restrictions instituted due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier in March 2020, videos of the actor having a good time while on vacation in the US were spotted online.

Prominent among them was a video of a bartender refusing to serve him alcohol because he thought Don was underage.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Don Little in his latest video ranted about how tired he is of living overseas.

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He sarcastically mentioned that living in a country where animals are treated like humans to the extent that he has to sleep in the same bed with pets sometimes is disgusting.

Furthermore, he called on the president and the government to come to his aid with its evacuation plan before he goes to jail for killing a pet.

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