В США скончался 27-летний внук Элвиса Пресли

Died in USA 27-year-old grandson of Elvis Presley
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The investigation suggests that he could commit suicide.

The grandson of “the king of rock-n-roll” Elvis Presley Benjamin Keogh was found dead in the United States. The body of 27-year-old man was found on July 12 in his apartment in Calabasas, California. About it reports the Internet-portal TMZ.

According to the newspaper, the man died from a gunshot wound. Investigators do not exclude that he could commit suicide. Death Benjamin has confirmed media representatives of the famous family.

– She (the mother of Benjamin Keogh Lisa Maria Presley. — Ed.) completely broken with grief, inconsolable and devastated, but tries to stay strong for the sake of their 11-year-old twins and the eldest daughter Riley. She adored this boy. He was the love of her life, – said the portal Manager mother Kio Roger Widynowski.

Benjamin was the son of Lisa Maria Presley from his first marriage to musician Danny Keogh. The couple has been together for almost 6 years and broke up in 1994. The ex-couple also have a 31-year-old daughter Riley Keogh.

It is known that the deceased followed in the footsteps of his famous grandfather. Kio was a musician and played several roles in movies.

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“The king of rock’ n ‘roll” Elvis Presley died in 1977 from cardiac arrest, caused by taking high dose medicines. At the time of his death he was 42 years old. Presley recorded 150 albums and three-time winner of the award “Grammy”. His most famous songs are “Blue Suede Shoes” “Jailhouse Rock”, “Return to sender”, “Little less conversation”.


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