While Leonardo da Vinci was sitting in a dark room, he noticed a beam of light passing through a small hole, about the size of a pinhead. When in a dark room one can see reflections of images like trees, humans, vehicles and others are projected on the wall, facing the light passage. This small light beam that fills small dark holes has illuminated the world.

In an article Sheikha Jawaher Bint Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of FUNN and the Sharjah International Children Film Festival (SICFF) said, this small beam of light can light the way, but not for too long. Not without a vision and its continuity. From a deeper perspective, this beam of light did not just reflect shadows of humans and vehicles; it reflected their lives, their ideas, and other details that made them, themself.

This story can be related to the one that led to the invention of the camera, a turning point in history that paved the way for the development of cinematography. Cinematography has a profound effect on us – it has played a powerful role in projecting imagery to reflect cultures and ideas, thus playing a key role in shaping our opinions and the way we see the world.

As we observe the International World Youth Day, we emphasise two key messages that govern and regulate our work at FUNN, and the way we organise the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (SICFF). The first message is that FUNN is keen to introduce our children to the modern cinema industry and provide them with valuable films, which will introduce them to human messages and artistic contexts. The second message is to cultivate a film culture among younger generations by igniting a love of film in them, and offer them the tools they will need to build on the Arab cinema experience. If a society lacks film culture, there will be no cinema.

In fact, no one can deny the vital impact of cinema in our lives. Since the cinema industry was born, film has had a uniquely powerful and ubiquitous presence in human culture. It plays a major role in building values and creating a new and modern language that helps us better understand our own lives, especially for younger generations who receive with art with much wonder and amazement.

Due to the influence of cinema on young people, filmmakers must give extra care to the issues and topics raised in movies targeting children and teenagers. Film industry professionals should pay attention to the need to build and strengthen community values and concepts that enrich intellects and knowledge of young people.

Cinema is a universal language that brings people together. It breaks all discriminatory barriers by offering a common platform to all. Film is a multi-doctrine creative art that really speaks one language to every enthusiast and lover, and embraces individual interpretation no matter how many there are. This shows the immense influence of cinema on children and their imagination. This is why the young cling to their imaginary heroes. Cinema has become the most effective mass media instrument in today’s world. This clearly demonstrates the major role it plays.


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