The health protocol of LaLiga after the confinement passed a week ago, suddenly and bludgeonly, from being praised to the most acidic criticism after the ‘Fuenlabrada Case’. Now, despite the fact that the competition has ended in First, it is still news. And not because there are open investigations in progress to clarify what has happened in this eventful end of the Second, that too. But because the teams that will play the Promotion Playoff in Segunda, Zaragoza, Girona, Almería and Elche (?), Are passing the LaLiga tests, as in the last 11 days, and also because the Spanish teams that have to compete in Europe have asked the employers to continue passing the controls despite the fact that UEFA will have its own health protocol this August.

Madrid, Barça, Atlético, Sevilla and Getafe want the health services contracted by LaLiga to pass the analyzes of the Covid-19 to continue doing their work every week at their facilities, as they have been up to now. Even so, several of these clubs have made the decision to also contract private tests to have greater control over their staff. Now that the footballers have returned from a little vacation and the contacts have expanded. This was how Real Madrid knew that Mariano had been infected. The clubs are very satisfied with the LaLiga protocol and consider that it can continue to be of great validity to minimize risks. LaLiga has thus strengthened its position and has already communicated to all the entities that it is at its disposal not to let its guard down during the summer and ensure the start of the next campaign with all the guarantees.

Now it remains to be seen what exactly the health protocol of UEFA will be for the final stages of the Champions League (Lisbon) and the Europa League (Germany, with a final in Cologne). You have not yet specified how the tests will be performed. His last statement about it was 20 days ago. In it, he already gave some clues of how his modus operandi: “The UEFA Return to Soccer Protocol establishing the framework for sanitary and hygienic procedures (even in relation to tests), as well as the operational protocols to be applied when organizing matches for UEFA competitions, was approved. The Protocol may be supplemented in due course by specific operational guidelines covering both aspects of its application and specific competitions. “

UEFA added: “It will be compulsory for all national clubs and federations, as well as for their players, officials, technical staff and workers, to comply with the Protocol and any other related directive as a condition for participation in the next UEFA competitions. Given that the current situation is dynamic and unpredictable, both in terms of its epidemiology and the nature of countermeasures imposed by national governments, the Protocol will evolve over time and may be updated as necessary to reflect changes in health. public and the regulatory environment. “

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