CARIBBEAN Airlines ( CAL) has received clearance to fly to the Eastern Caribbean.

In response to questions from Newsday on Friday, CAL said these flights are operating to and from Barbados “where a temporary base has been established.”

Referring to statements issued on July 21 and July 23 regarding its Eastern Caribbean expansion and the continued closure of TT’s borders respectively, “the airline said the latter was issued to ensure that the public understands that TT’s borders remain closed to international, commercial passenger flights.

CAL said, “At this time, only the domestic air bridge between Trinidad and Tobago is operating.”

The former statement said, effective July 22 CAL will initially fly between Barbados to St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, “with other destinations to be added once the regulatory approvals are received.”

With Jamaica and Barbados’ borders open to commercial flights, CAL said its flights from Jamaica to Barbados are operating out of a base it has in Jamaica. CAL is also operating daily flights between Kingston and Miami.

The airline could not say how many passengers it expects to transport on this route as “this operation is just under two weeks old, so the loads are developing with time.”

CAL has created a task force which collaborates with internal and external stakeholders regarding applicable covid19 protocols. These stakeholders include airport authorities, public health authorities and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

CAL said its internal covid19 protocols include social distancing, wearing of masks and personal protective equipment and sanitising its planes at every airport. CAL also said its Boeing 737 fleet is equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters that capture 99.97 per cent of particles inside of the aircraft cabins.

The airline said all passengers must wear a face mask or covering “throughout their entire journey.” This includes all CAL touch-points from check-in at the airport, departure gate areas, jet-bridges and on-board the aircraft for the duration of the flight.

“This requirement is compulsory. Refusal to comply, shall result in customers being denied boarding by the airline.”

CAL said exceptions will be made in the case of children under the age of two or adults who have a medical condition which prevents them from using a mask.

“Any special exemptions would need to be endorsed by a medical practitioner and approved by CAL before travel.”

The airline said the length of time which CAL staff are quarantined after their flights “is determined by the public health authorities and depends on the jurisdiction where the flights are operating.”

CAL declined to comment on what was the revenue it was forecasting through these various flights.

“This is competitively sensitive information and as such we are unable to disseminate.”

The airline advised the public to visit its website: https://www.caribbean-airlines.com/#/travel-alerts/travel-guide-to-keep-you-safe, for further information and guidelines for travel.

The public was also advised to check CAL’s mobile app and flight notifications service to get the latest flight status information and on any disruptions to travel.

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