Europe is home to a wealth of holiday hotspots favoured by Britons. However, with the potential of Brexit looming, many travellers are concerned about the effect this will have on travel to their favourite holiday destinations. Amid talk of new passports and visas15.6 million surveyed British residents say their biggest concern about Brexit is how it will affect their holiday. It also seems that Brexit could have a more costly impact on your wallet.

In fact, tourists could see themselves losing out on up to £32,000 in extremely unfortunate circumstances if they opt-out of purchasing an all-encompassing travel insurance package, according to experts from Admiral Travel Insurance.

While Britons can currently enjoy the use of a European Health Insurance Card, covering them in all participating countries if they unexpectedly fall ill or have an accident.

However, little is known about whether this will be something that remains once the UK has made its EU departure.

If the country does not manage to strike a deal that allows for the card’s use, Admiral says that “medical treatments for uninsured travellers who fall ill abroad could go up by as much as 900 percent.”

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Travel insurance: Customers should always take

Travel insurance: Britons jetting off to Europe should make sure they are insured (Image: Getty Images)

The cost of specific medical treatments would vary largely depending on the country a traveller is in at the time, as well as how serious the illness is.

Admiral compiled a list of some of the most common issues that take travellers down when travelling, as well as the associated cost with each.

One of the heaviest hitters is a heart attack, which could result in a medical bill of up to £32,000 in Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain.

If appendicitis strikes, patients could face bills between £3,800 and £4,800 in most European countries including France, Spain, Greece and Italy.

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While treatment for food poisoning could see holidaymakers handing over up to £2,000.

Even something as simple as a single doctors appointment has a £150 price tag attached to it.

Shockingly, at the rate Britons are currently investing in travel insurance, forking out for health could be a likely scenario for man.

According to Admiral research, one in four people would risk travelling abroad without insurance, with more people prepared to risk holidaying in Europe than anywhere else.

Travel insurance: An unexpected injury

Travel insurance: An unexpected injury on holiday could cost you financially (Image: Getty Images)

Cosmin Sarbu, Head of Travel at Admiral, says: “It’s possible that if the UK is faced with a no-deal scenario we could see the cost of medical treatment go up considerably for those without insurance.

“Of course, with so much uncertainty around exactly how Brexit will play out, it’s impossible to predict what will happen with regards to a reciprocal medical agreement, or even if there will be one.

“It’s worrying that so many people are willing to travel to Europe without insurance and are relying on the EHIC in the event of a medical emergency. Medical costs for different treatments already vary from expensive to extortionate between countries, and if the UK leaves without a deal, we could see those costs dramatically rise for British holidaymakers visiting Europe without insurance.

“Having travel insurance in place could not only be the difference between you receiving life-saving medical treatment or not but could also save you a huge amount of money.”

Should Brexit go ahead, tourists who are due to travel the day the changeover happens might be concerned about their rights.

Luckily, travel insurance firm Holiday Extras are offering an add-on set to protect against cancellations or delays to flights, trains and ferries between UK and EU terminals, as well as the closure of the channel tunnel.

Tourists already on holiday will also be protected if their trip or journey home is disrupted, they missed their departure, or connection, or incur costs as a result of a delayed home arrival.

While many travel insurance firms have steered clear from Brexit coverage, Holiday Extras are including the add-on to existing single and annual multi-trip policies for individuals, couples, families and single-parent families.

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