As well as Lui, there are exhibitions by Australian Fiona Foley, Spanish photographer Laia Abril, Israel’s Adi Nes, Lauren Greenfield from the US and Vanessa Winship from the UK.

The Biennale was founded in 2005 and this year’s event is expected to attract 30,000 visitors.

When: August 23-October 20.

Where: Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Balloon No.1, 2012. Liu Bolin

Coal Pile, 2010. Liu Bolin

Demolition Site, 2009. Liu Bolin

Green Food, 2011. Liu Bolin

Family Photo, 2012. Liu Bolin

Head Portrait, 2012. Liu Bolin

Gold Museum, 2013. Liu Bolin

Suo Jia Village, 2005. Liu Bolin

17-75A Illegal Taxi Driver, 2007. Liu Bolin

Instant Noodles, 2012. Liu Bolin

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