An Animal Crossing player has discovered another example of the developer’s attention to detail while designing a villager home in the game’s DLC Happy Home Paradise. When they decorated the room with a huge fossil, the game showed the fossil to be true to height, with the dinosaur’s skull creating a huge hole in the home’s ceiling.

It’s been a big month for Animal Crossing – the game’s highly anticipated 2.0 update was released at the beginning of November, alongside the game’s first paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise. The DLC is all about interior design, and gamers have been inspired to flex their creative muscles making vacation homes for villagers and NPCs. The DLC introduced a wide array of new features and decorating options for the game, like new furniture, adjustable room sizes, and partition walls. This has lead to an explosion of creative builds shared in the Animal Crossing community, with users posting everything from luxurious mansions to unhappy homes with the new DLC.


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Reddit user Upperclasshole shared a unique detail they noticed while creating a vacation home this week: when they placed an extremely large fossil – which appears to be a Brachiosaurus skull – in the room and looked at it with the handheld camera view, the skull was crashing through the room’s ceiling. This confirms that the game takes an object’s height into account and that rooms have a height maximum for the objects they contain – details that were widely unknown in the Animal Crossing community previously. The new camera modes included in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update have allowed gamers to get a new perspective on the intricate design features in the game, exemplified perfectly by this hilarious ceiling hole discovery.

While many of the new design features added in Happy Home Paradise are revealed directly to the player, this ceiling detail hints that there could be even more elements of design that players haven’t discovered yet. It has also led players to speculate if there are potentially other objects they could place inside homes that would break the ceiling like this huge skeleton, especially with the addition of so many new items in Happy Home Paradise. While no other ceiling-breaking objects have been discovered yet, this post is sure to inspire lots of gamers to try their best to break their villagers’ vacation homes.

This isn’t the first example of excellent attention to detail in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – players have been impressed by the small details included in the game since release. Seemingly inconsequential things like plants swaying in the wind, interactive instruments, and secret villager dialogues in the game are a big draw for fans of the series. This latest discovery perfectly exemplifies a big part of what gamers love about Animal Crossing: silly little details that surprise and delight fans.

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Source: Upperclasshole/Reddit

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